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  • Nikko Energy is an electric power generating company that develops and operates power plants independently in emerging markets with a particular focus on Middle East and the African continent.


  • This focus results from the following identified factors : rapidly developing markets in need of electrical power, market segments with little local and/or international competition, in-house technical and political risk assessment capabilities to orientate investment.


  • In addition to developing, acquiring and operating large, long-term contracted power-generating stations for national or regional grids, Nikko Energy also offers innovative energy solutions for national or multinational companies active in these markets.


  • Nikko Energy has set up strong partnerships with experienced companies with a large track record for the technical aspect and the financial structuration.



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  • Fuel agnostic but mainly focus on the renewable energies, Nikko Energy can tailor projects to the particular needs of our clients as well as capitalise on each country’s natural assets (solar, wind, hydro, biogas…).


  • Nikko Energy benefits from strategic partnerships with key international players in the developing world as well as a strong “intuiti personae” political network to secure investments.


  • Our socially and environmentally-responsible investment model results in high teen returns to our investors through negotiated long-term contracts and secured company growth.


  • In the longer term, Nikko Energy will capitalize on its investment model to focus on other emerging economic zones (South East Asia, Latin America…).